The Band

Kosmogonia is a symphonic – melodic – folk death metal band, based in Athens, Greece. They already have an album entitled “Enthrone the Gods“, two singles, while in 2021 they started the composition of their second album, which is expected to be released in 2023.

The band was founded in 2015 by Costas Magalios (guitars / lead vocals) and Christos Drosos (guitars) and during the first period the band played melodic thrash. In this phase the band released its first demo song entitled ”Fallen Pegasus”, followed by the presentation of the first EP with tracks like Fallen Pegasus, Nobody’s safe, Opium of Hallucination etc.

By 2017, the band performed many live shows at Greek festivals, such as Astarte fest vol 1 in 2015, during which the band’s appearance was filmed for the first time while presenting it’s first EP.

2017 was a turning point in the history of Kosmogonia.
Kostas Magalios decides after the departure of Christos Drosos from the band that Kosmogonia should turn into a folk – melodic death metal with some symphonic elements.

On August 15, 2017, the band with a renewed line-up, released the first single for their first album called “TRIIRIS“. The single did very well, and the band received very good reviews for the track from many magazines and electronic media.

During this period and until 2019, the band is preparing its first album while performing several live sets in Greek festivals.

The band begins to be widely known to the Greek public, while many interviews follow in Greece and abroad, and radio stations from abroad begin to include “TRIRIS” in their playlists.

In June 2020, the band takes the first big step by releasing the first album with the title “Enthrone the Gods“. Eleven tracks inspired by ancient Greek history and mythology make Kosmogonia a promising folk – melodic death metal band.

Concurrently, they released their first video clip entitled “Raven’s Call” which exceeded 30,000 views. In 2020, the band gave many interviews to various media in Greece and abroad. Many radio stations are playing the album worldwide.

Kosmogonia received very good reviews from magazines and electronic media with an average review score for Enthrone the Gods of 9.1/10.
Portugal’s Metal Hammer made a special mention of the band in 2020. They received many awards such as:
• Best folk metal album of the year – new band from various media in Latin America and Europe
• Top 7 of Austrian chart in the category new artists – melodic death metal
• Position 7 – 20 on the Austrian Amazon
• Top 20 best folk-melodic death metal albums in countries such as Holland, Germany, Finland, Italy etc.
• Top 20 albums of new bands in Balkans.

In 2022, Kosmogonia accepted an invitation to play live in Birmingham, England at Hammer Fest XIV with bands such as Lordi, Primordial, Unleashed, Evile and other big names. Due to Covid-19 the fest will finally take place in February 2023 when they will perform live at the O2 Academy, Birmingham.

Now, the band is at the final stage of the recordings of the second album and it is idented to be released also in the form of a novel book. Both are expected to be released in 2024.